Handsfree pump and nurse discreetly

Less is more, or sometimes, more is more.

Breastfeeding IS beautiful

Momma and baby can both enjoy the beauty of breastfeeding with ease and comfort

Hands-free Pump and Nurse simultaneously = Double duty

Want to be extra efficient?  Feed and stockpile simultaneously with our nursing and handsfree pumping bra.

Give your hands a break

As a new mom, you quickly get used to juggling. So free up your hands and do something fun.

Adjusts with you

Its a roller coaster. One minute you’re engorged, the next drained. Your bra should adapt to fit your fluctuating size – tighten, loosen or adjust each side seperately.

Beautiful and flattering

You are mom, not a hospital grade milk producer. Your nursing and pumping bra should highlight your amazing and powerful new assets.

Congratulations!  You’re expecting or just had a baby.

And you’ve chosen to provide breast milk to your little one.

There’s lots of products out there with promise to help with certain aspects of breastfeeding and pumping, but few that provide ALL the benefits that a new mom needs.  We at The Dairy Fairy take a different approach; Simplicity rules. Usefulness is key.

We believe that you don’t need to look like a hospital grade milk producer.  You are a mom, but that doesn’t mean you have to let go of your ‘sexy’ side.  Nor should you compromise comfort and convenience. 

That’s why we developed an all-in-one nursing and pumping bra and tank that let you nurse, hands-free pump and adjust for fluctuating breast size – that also happens to look beautiful on you.

Your baby needs your loving touch, your nourishing milk, and a mom who feels happy, calm and attractive. This is our contribution to moms and babies all across the land. Let’s hear it for breast milk!